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Psychedelia And Other Colours

What all the nice people have been saying about Psychedelia and other Colours.

'A fantastic, exhaustive history of the genre: comprehensive but gripping, packed with eye-opening period detail and with a brilliant analysis of everything from Sgt Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band to the oeuvre of the Crocheted Doughnut Ring'Alexis Petridis, The Guardian

'An exhaustive, idiosyncratic and very entertaining reappraisal of an often lazily documented period'Jim Irvin, Mojo

''s not so much that Rob Chapman's book brings new insights to the table (though it does that too): it's more that it constitutes a whole other table in its own right'Oregano Rathbone, Record Collector

'As an account of psychedelia's glorious highs and preposterous charms, Chapman's exhaustive exploration of this Arcadian age will take its rightful place as the standard text'Rob Young, The New Statesman

'Brilliantly written, crammed full of original ideas. An astonishing achievement that all self-respecting Shindiggers should rush out and buy immediately'Shindig Magazine

'Psychedelia and Other Colours provides by far the most detailed map to help us navigate the twisted alleyways of the psychedelic experience and its tentacle-like influence in the 50 years since Ken Kesey first staged Acid Tests in California'Line of Best Fit

'a work of rare scholarship and insight'Spectator

'Chapman's ability to see outside of the usual psychedelic perspective makes for dazzling reading'Caught By The River

'Chapman has little to say that's startlingly new. More discography than discourse'Allan Jones, Uncut

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